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Swiss Art EXPO

24-28 August 2022 Swiss art expo Zurich

Thank you at all staff of SWISS ART EXPO for sponsoring my art collection!.”

You can see the virtual tour here

Reuse Collection

mixed media on canvas and art magazines, design magazine. This is because like the Dadaists maked, an image or an object can take on different meanings. They are a cycle of pictorial works with incorrect technique on already painted canvases, sheets of art magazines, or sheets of design magazines, this because as the Dadaists have done, the image of an object uses different meanings or contextualizations. It therefore becomes a pictorial ready made. In this way, for example, a newspaper page is no longer useful for the article itself but for the new image that results. In the same way an advertising page relives attention but not for advertising itself, but is looked at with different eyes and loses its original meaning because it is now seen as a work of art or in any case as something else than if the discussion remained in the magazine it would no longer be noticed or would not be a topic of discussion. In fact in Reuse 2019 we have the pictorial ready made of the journey (background with suitcase), of the highly contested cruise ships in Venice (background with ship), of the theme of marriage with the bride (today what family does the future have?), Del the theme of cars (pollution) or of owning objects as in the case of furniture or jewelery or watches as a status symbol ... There are many points for discussion, a second of the background that we have examined.

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