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My name is Manuel Remeggio. I live in Treviso, a small town close to Venice. Since I was a child I have been passionate about art mainly because of my family. They showed me the beauty of being curious in exploring life. This passion led me to attend the Art High School in Treviso with artist Francesco Michielin. During the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, with the masters Finzi, Bendini and Martelli, and I was able to understand how much painting meant to me and how to express it. During my experience at Middlesex University Fine Art in London with artist Steve Mumberson I realized painting came from my heart and showed itself as an "Aporia". So through this intimate process I started to create paintings that are the instinctive representation of this research. With the passing of time I became unable to express it despite my burning passion for painting. So I unintentionally stopped painting for a while to get some peace of mind and I devoted myself to ceramic design, communication and lighting projects. In 2016 I came home from a 4-months lighting design  experience in Dubai and I went back to painting with the purpouse of making aporia a way of painting to improve my and
other people's life.Primitive art draws me a lot, not only for the painting itself, but because I feel very close to their... everything is connected. Even if we live in a big data age, I often think of primitive man who left us a mark ... an aporia. (rif. Altamira – Spain and Lascaux France). Iam very attracted to the Nabis artist (Paul Gaugin in primis, for the use of the colour), the Fauves and Japonism (Henri Matisse for the mark and the decoration), and Francis Bacon. Another theme dear to me is “Reuse”, paintings on paper of art newspapers, art magazines,
comics ... I found it interesting because the image splits, the printed image was over, but now it regains attention with a fusion of reuse. The theme of reuse is inspired by Ready-made art but in a pictorial form.

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